Sunday, March 6, 2016

USA Roadtrip - Maryland

This past week we continued our travels through the Northeast, specifically...


1. We usually begin our roadtrip study with this song:

2. We've found these videos recently and love them! Short, interesting, and to the point:

3. We had fun learning about the Blue Crab - the state crustacean of Maryland. We hung a picture of it on our classification wall. (We don't have a "crustacean" category up so we stuck it with amphibians. Whoops). The kids also colored, cut out, and glued together a blue crab found HERE.

On this day, Marie's shoulders were out of commission :/

4. We found some books at the library:

There's a version of this for every state!
B is for Blue Crab
Maryland Facts and Symbols

5. Learning about the Chincoteague ponies is a must! You can study this for your Maryland study or Virginia study. Here is a great video to see the entire event:

We also found some books at the library on the subject. My favorite is entitled My Chincoteague Pony by Susan Jeffers. Another popular book for slightly older ages is Misty of Chincoteague by Marguerite Henry.

6. Finally, we talked about the state wildflower: the black-eyed Susan. We did a simple craft using paper, pipe cleaner, and felt (pictured below) and talked about the legend of Susan and her Sweet William. (Read some about it HERE).

It's been overwhelming and stressful around these parts lately so I wasn't able to get Maine up last week. I do plan to make that happen but I can't make any promises!

Next up- Massachusetts!

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