Sunday, March 13, 2016

USA Roadtrip- Massachusetts

Massachusetts is just stuffed full of history! My brain was getting overwhelmed by all of the information! Of course, that's not a super hard thing to do to my brain. Nonetheless, there's much to learn from this little state.


1. I tell the kids what state we are studying each week before watching this video so they can be watching for it. It has often put Jack in tears when he misses it, requiring rewinding or completely replaying, but he's getting better at paying attention.

2. This video helped give a very quick overview of all the history of Massachusetts along with other bits of info. The kids don't care that the guy in it is a little corny...

3. Because of the loads of history involved in the study of this state, we watched several videos and did lots of reading. This video is a quick overview of the Mayflower and what we call the first Thanksgiving:

4. Some of the books we read related to Massachusetts were:

-Massachusetts Facts and Symbols (great for quick reference and nice pictures!)
-Sisters of Scituate Light (true story of how two sisters save the day!)
-Make Way for Ducklings (super cute story that shows off parts of Boston!)

5. Massachusetts had the very first public park so we looked that up and found THIS website to have some beautiful pictures! The same website walks you through the Freedom Trail in Boston. I'm telling ya, I was tempted to pack us all up and take the day drive to soak it all in for ourselves! Someday we're gonna take a Swan Boat on the lagoon.

6. One of the state foods (that's easy to make) is Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies. So obviously we partook in some of those. Also, cranberries are a state food so we enjoyed some cranberry juice along with the cookies.

7. Finally, Theodore Geisel was born in Springfield, MA. That's right, my favorite Dr. Seuss! Just another excuse to enjoy reading the best children's books of all time!

There are all sorts of other things you could include in this study (We built a miniature Mayflower when I was homeschooled! And my sister had her kids dress up and act out the first Thanksgiving). What ideas have you come up with to learn more about Massachusetts? I'd love the ideas!

Next up- New Hampshire!

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