Sunday, April 10, 2011

iPad, Internet, Netflix, and more!

So I know all of you have been craving an update on the wonderful life of the Jacobs. Well wait no longer! Lots has been going on around these parts.

Let's start with our "simple life" turning into technology central. We sold our iMac and bought an iPad. We dropped our Verizon account and joined my parents AT&T account which cut our phone bill in less than half AND we get iPhones :) As a result, we were able to get internet (which is packaged with basic cable).

Here I am, lounging on the couch next to Derek, watching The Office on Netflix and typing this up on the internet. Back to the real world... an actually much less productive world.

Next, our babiest is 9 months!

It's getting a lot harder to take these monthly pics as Mr. Active has to grab everything. He's not crawling yet but he finds his way around. He's still so wonderfully happy, and I can't get enough of his squishy little self.

Also, we finally got some decor stuff done around the house. My mom did most of it, of course. But I watched and learned! :) We put some pictures up in the living room that makes it look so much cozier even with minimal furniture. Also we painted Jack's room!

Navy and tan. Notice the little sign on his door with his name on it. Awesome right? Yeah my bestest made it and one for Marie, too. I LOVE THEM.

We've also been working on our very first garden. One of Derek's clients from Reta loves everything about gardening. He says he feels closer to God while he works the land. He was a HUGE help.

Now to plant and pray that it grows!

Tomorrow Derek goes back to school after a wonderful 3 week spring break. Bummer.

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