Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Micro Soccer Academy

Since Marie was 18 months old she's been going to Micro Soccer Academy. First at Riverfront...

Her very first class - Jan. 2010

Her very last class at Riverfront - July 2010
It was something that left our Saturday mornings seriously lacking once we moved here to Elkhart. Great exercise, great interaction with other kids, great opportunity to learn structure and listening to other authority. Great, great, great! We wanted it back.

So we decided to start our own class!

1-2-3 Blastoff!


Being lions. Roar!

It's so fun! And we love getting to know other families in the area with kiddos just like ours.

I'm so proud of my girl and how much she's grown and improved. I'm so excited for Jack to start!

Our class is Saturday mornings from 9-10 for 2-5yr olds. Eventually we would like to separate the twos and threes from the fours and fives. The twos and threes get to play with a huge parachute!

Derek loves teaching the kids. He's turned into a mushy Dadda. I adore him.

Come play with us! Micro Soccer Academy.

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