Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dainty Rings

My birthday month is almost over *sad face*. But as I always like to extend my birthday for as long as humanly possible (all year long??) I'm going to continue giving these dainty rings away with every purchase until I'm tired of making them. That could be a long time! Or not. I'll let ya know when I know.

So head over to my website and purchase anything your little heart desires and get a happy birthday gift.

(You choose the color - blue, green, silver, copper - and the size)

Do you ever wonder why we celebrate birthdays the way we do? Why do we block out one day every year to honor ourselves for something we had absolutely nothing to do with?

I don't remember jumping up and down and saying, "Pick me! Pick me!" and God finally picking me to be born into this sin-soaked world. Do you?

I am very glad that we celebrate birthdays, don't get me wrong. I just wonder if it makes Jesus a little sad that we play up our own birthdays so much, but often forget all about Him on His "birthday." Just a thought.

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