Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dear Winter, you can go away now.

It wasn't until I became a runner that I started to not like winter. I did learn this year that I really do enjoy running in the snow. Something about the challenge. But I'm not big on running in the dark. Safety reasons! And it's just always dark!

So I'm finding other ways to keep me busy (at the expense of the laundry)...

1. Turbo Jam

2. ChaLEAN Extreme (borrowing from my mom! What I use for most of my weights).

3. The good ol' Tae Bo. Doesn't that throw you back a good decade??
This is a video of Marie and Jack doing Tae Bo. Cutest thing ever. Please excuse the messy house.

4. Enjoyed some time on my parents "new" old style stationary bike.

5. Of course ZUMBA!

6. I like to try out some workouts from pinterest. (The link will take you to my pinboard with all sorts of workouts).

7. And whenever I can, I run!

I did head out on the 4-miler one warm day a couple weeks ago and it kicked my butt. Running is its own thing. I'm in fantastic shape, but I'm not gonna be running a half-marathon on Turbo Jam workouts. Sooo ready for spring!

The bottom line is, we often use winter as an excuse to get out of shape and gain weight. At least I always use to! But there is no excuse for such things! There's enough workouts on pinterest to keep you busy for weeks. And you don't need any equipment! Or very little. Try Walmart, TJMaxx, Marshalls, or Aldi if you need something.

Or turn on the Zumba station on Pandora and dance!

I'm anxious for spring, but I'm not gonna sit around and wait for it!

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