Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013 Goals: Running/Fitness Edition

We have a lot of goals related to finances, ministry, each of the kids, personal, etc. But those don't all necessarily need sharing. I want to share my running and fitness goals for the obvious reason of accountability, with a side of future bragging (on Christ) when I succeed (by God's grace)! And I'd love to connect with more runners to keep me motivated, learn new things, and just make new friends!

And since I love running so much, I just want to talk about it!

First for fitness:
- Reach pre-Marie weight (give or take 5lbs bc I'll still be nursing) by my birthday (April 22)
- Be able to lose/maintain without constant calorie counting
- Save for and purchase space-saving weights and chalean videos

- Speed training
- Half marathon in June under 2 hours
- 500 miles by December 31

I received Run Like A Mother for Christmas from my MIL (she does an excellent job of keeping my library stocked!)...

and am loving it! I highly recommend it for new, seasoned, and in-betweener runners. If you know me on Facebook, you've seen lots of quotes from this book. It's motivational and entertaining. Read it!

Do you have any running goals for this year? I'd love to hear them! And I always love a little competition ;)

Pennsylvania hills in the snow don't scare me! Well, at least this one didn't.

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