Monday, January 28, 2013

Around the House: Master Bedroom Edition

Today marks 2 years since we signed the papers that made this beautiful Conor House ours!

Not only have we not once regretted it, but we've been flooded with blessings ever since. Every once in a while I pray for floods of blessings on the previous owners because it was a sacrifice to them to sell us this house. As fellow believers, I know they followed God's leading and I'm so so so grateful they did!

To celebrate here on the blog, here's some shots of the newly painted master. A romantic master bedroom is good medicine for the married soul.

Our happy place.

Poor lighting, but I LOVE these curtains. We plan to paint the furniture eventually.

Awesome book shelves we got from the inlaws! I don't know how we lived without them for so long!

More bad lighting, but this is a picture my MIL made for me to give to D.

Our caricatures.

So many people contributed to this haven and we are so grateful! There is still plenty to do (dressers to paint, decor to hang, mirror to find) but we are so happy!

More multitudes on Monday...

  • Lofted ceilings
  • Crumbs under the table = well fed babies
  • Dishes to wash
  • A shared bed
  • The color purple

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