Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"the 26.2-mile victory lap"

So I claim to be a runner but I have never run a marathon.

... Checking the horizon ...

Nope, don't see any out there either.

Even after finishing my first half-marathon (actually we were right around mile 12 when Derek and I started talking about it), I had absolutely no desire to shoot for the mother of all races.

The more I read about running, and the more I run, the less aversion I feel toward a marathon.


I still have no plans of running a marathon any time in the near future.

The reason?

Not because I am scared to death of it - that only makes me want to conquer it!
Not because I doubt my ability to do it - I know I could!

No, the reason is because ((unless you are Derek!)) training for a marathon is basically a full time job. And my current full time job (wife and momma) is SO much more important.
"Like surviving labor, crossing the finish line of a 26.2-mile race is a testament to perseverance, discipline, dedication, and a few other multisyllabic words often found on inspirational posters hanging on office walls. The race is a huge accomplishment, of course, but it's really the months of training that change your life and perspective. During the no-glory, no-spectators training miles, you discover how hard you can push yourself, how persistent you need to be, and how to call forth motivation when you'd rather just call for a pizza." -Run Like A Mother
Obviously, I'm going to be running a marathon someday. 2, actually.

When the kids are older, in school full time, or maybe totally out of the house, I will be training for and running a marathon. And then I'll do it again because I'll know what to expect and how to better prepare for it and race it.

So who's with me in 10... 15... 20 years??

(The title to this post was taken from Run Like A Mother)

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