Sunday, May 29, 2011

Around the House {Part 1}

So these pics were taken like 6 weeks ago. But the only difference is the flowers are dead and gone :(

I am accepting replacements any time.

On to the mini tour of our main floor living room. I probably don't really need to have the baby swing and bouncer, but they seem to kinda fill in the blanks!

This is the view from the dining area/kitchen into the livingroom. You can see the front door and the entrance to the kids' hallway. The stairs to the downstairs is in the bottom right hand corner of the pic.

Behind me in the below pic is the sliding glass back door. The door to the left goes out to the garage. To the right is the kitchen. Look at my beautiful birthday flowers!

More birthday flowers on my birthday present from my parents! LOVE this little half table. Just. Right.

I made this spring wreath way back and meant to share, but you know, I forgot. I don't love it but I like it enough.

It was super easy. I had a foam wreath base that I wrapped with green yarn. Then I hot glued some fake flowers on and hung it up on the front door!

Hopefully there will be more to come eventually!

I love this house.

God sure loves to bless.

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