Monday, May 23, 2011

My Garden

I've fallen in love.

I officially LOVE my garden.

I've learned how to plant yummies.

I've learned the joy of hard work.

I've also learned that I'm a hands-on learner.

I know I'm 25... er... 27 and should have known this already.

I love my garden and my garden helpers.

I love that Marie is learning right along with me.

It's true. There's something so fulfilling... so fun about gardening. It's a form of worship, I think. A hard, exhausting, fulfilling, satisfying, fun way to worship the God of all creation.


  1. might want to give some credit to your momma too....who did all the HARD work? hahahaha.

  2. I did! She's included in "garden helpers" :)

    She didn't do ALL the hard work! But it's true, I wouldn't have done this at all without her!

  3. :) I was teasin :)


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