Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Just keep running...

Right after Jack was born, I told Derek that I wanted to run a half marathon before having another little goober. Lo and behold, The Crossing is participating in a half-marathon on September 17.
*Insert foot in mouth*

So right now is the "pre-training" time. We have to be able to somewhat comfortably run a 5k by July 26. I can do that. It's the 13.1 miles that make me a little nervous.

Derek and I are going to run it together, but his schedule and our having 2 babies doesn't allow for us to train together. That's where you come in!

There are multiple ways for you to participate simply because you love me!

1. Be one of those seriously irritating people who makes me feel really guilty every time I miss a training day. I won't like you much for the next 4 months, but I'll love you after it's all over!

2. PRAY for me. I couldn't even consider this whole endeavor without loads prayer!

3. Run with me!
  • We could just be in touch every day to keep each other accountable
  • We could find a couple times a week to run together
  • We could trade babysitting and take turns running
  • Or all of the above!
  • And then we'll start the race together, cheer each other on, and celebrate together after!
4. Donate a new pair of running shoes to the cause :)

Another goal of this venture is to be 30 lbs lighter by the time I cross the finish line. It will make it a lot easier to cross the finish line! And I only have one more opportunity for a vbac. I have to know that I have big babies because God made me that way, not because I gain too much weight.

Thank you in advance for all your support! I'll keep you all updated on this crazy adventure!

I'm hesitating to post this because I know that once it's out in blog-o-sphere, I will have to do it. Irritating people will make me.

Oh I hope I don't regret this...

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  1. If I bug you, will you bug me? I know we are many, many miles apart, but I really want to run some 5K's later this summer, and a half-marathon in the not so distant future....Justin and I would like to start our family within the next year, Lord willing. I presently weigh 185lbs, and only have lack of activity, poor food choices, and birth control pill weight gain to blame it on. That being said, I would really, really, like to drop 25 lbs by September. That is my goal. I joined a gym, and have been biking etc, with my husband when possible. However, I have YET to start running. Wanna keep each other accountable to run three times a a week? I need a work out buddy desperately! Love and prayers to you Linds! <3:0)


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