Sunday, May 15, 2011


Finally adding a whole new type of jewelry to the DandLs DangLs shop! I'm SO excited!!!

Meet the Sweetest Crystals WATCH!

The sis-in-law and I were like kids in a candy store when we walked into this little bead shop in Shipshewana. Walls and walls of beautiful, sparkly, colorful happiness!

Then we spotted them: watch heads! Steph had suggested this before, but now the option was directly in front of us and we went in search of just the right beads to match.

Thus begins the new line of watches!

Check out these gorgeous rondells...

Love the toggle clasp.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure this watch is SOLD as I type this up, but maybe these pics will whet your appetite for the new line!

Keep an eye out for more of this beautifulness! Super easy way to do that is to become a fan on Facebook and/or follow on Twitter!

Also, don't miss out on a great giveaway going on HERE!

Over and out.

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