Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Purple Fairytale

It's been over three years since we found out that the little Goober growing inside of me was a sweet baby girl.

Oh how I adore that Sweet Baby Girl.

Once we found out for sure (I already had the mother's intuition thing going on but it was nice to have it confirmed!), I found myself drawn to the color purple. It was a favorite color when I was little. Maybe it's because it is the color of royalty, I don't know, but I associate it with princesses in fairytales.

Then I find out I'm having my own princess and suddenly I'm seeing purple everywhere!

Now I have my Marie Love and purple is not her color! She's still my princess, but a good solid pink mixed with Adidas stripes is much more her thing.

I'm okay. I'm over it.

But when I created these earrings, it brought me back to those early days. And they remind me that I am so blessed to have my very own princess.

Find them HERE
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