Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kite Kraziness

Daddy Draft

Last Saturday our family went to the Kite Festival in Shipshewanna, IN. It was a brisk windy day, almost as if God had said, "Oh, a Kite Festival! Here ya go." and blew the winds over for us to enjoy our kites. All of the kids were able to build their own kite and then go fly them outside. Marie did a great job helping to build her kite, and I love the colors that she chose. I took video of the whole experience and kept emailing them to my family, all while carrying Jack on my back.

Just for the record, if you have never flown a kite before, you're missing out.

Here is the video of Marie flying the kite that she built. If you want to see more videos from that day you can view all my videos on YouTube by searching for my username: djacobs2311.

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