Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

So last night I was giving myself a pity party. Honestly, as I sit here typing this up, I'm still not completely over it. But something did occur to me while I was snuggling my little man and playing with my baby girl's freshly washed hair:

While being a mom is probably the most overworked/underpaid job ever in the history of the world, I think it is the most rewarding job ever in the history of the world.

I think Mother's Day is the greatest Hallmark day ever created and that we should have it once a week at least. But I don't need to be pampered. I don't need gifts. I don't need me time to feel blessed on Mother's Day. Oh, I certainly want those things. But God blessed me with two beyond precious babies. He put them in my care for just a short time. All I need is to appreciate that and cherish every moment.

I have everything I need for Mother's Day in those little babies.

Thank You, Abba.

Wow, my pity party has just been crashed.

Now for a little change of pace. I crafted for Mother's Day this year! I guess I've finally spent enough time in blogland to start coming up with my own crafty ideas (which are definitely culminations of all the ideas I've seen out there!)

This is for Mom Jacobs:

This was so much fun to do with both kids. Marie decorated the "pot" completely on her own! I was so impressed with the circles!

This is for Momma Johnson:

This was mostly me but Marie had a great time getting her hands traced and crafting her own things next to me!

And I made this card. I would have made one for my MIL but my last-minute way of life didn't allow for it!

One of the greatest things about being a jewelry creator...

This post is getting super long but I can't end this without gushing about my moms.

--I'm so ridiculously blessed to have two amazing moms. One of them raised my other half. The other survived (and even thrived in!) the chaos that is me. I love you both so very much. I'm so glad that I get to call you "Mom" and my babies get to call you "HoneyGram" and "Maw-Maw."--

What did you do/make for your momma?


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